Professor LaTanya White is your guide to Becoming FEARLESS. Learn more about the themes that have emerged from her 20-year professional career by clicking here!

Prof. LaTanya White is a growth mindset business coach for Dreamers, Doers and Change Makers. An author, entrepreneur, educator and coach, she knows innovation.  Through easy to understand concepts and “tough love” accountability, the Becoming FEARLESS Academy (BFA), a business mastermind group that challenges minority entrepreneurs to articulate, test and pivot their assumptions about what their entrepreneurial journey will require.


She developed her own Foundation growing up in the Liberty City area of Miami, Florida and began to Evaluate her inner strength and resilience as student at Florida A&M University’s School of Business and Industry. It wasn’t until she was completing an MBA-level internship in Buffalo, NY did Prof. White begin to Analyze the entrepreneurial skillset she had developed but it would take a 13,000-mile trek to Bali, Indonesia before she had been Retrained to accept her purpose as The Guide that so many minority entrepreneurs needed to get over their fear and launch their business.


Through active service under the Economic Development Programmatic Thrust with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Professor White hopes to Leverage her sorority’s global reach in an effort to recreate economic independence in communities of color. Her membership with the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle helps her teach her village about the Efficient Systems like brand development, copywriting and direct marketing that have helped catapult her own business.  Enrolled in the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University, Prof. White’s doctoral research is centered around ensuring that Historically Black Colleges and Universities take their rightful place as the vanguards of Sustainable black economic independence by innovating their entrepreneurship education curricula.

Professor White is preparing to launch Become FEARLESS Today, a resource and referral network for multipassionate, melaninated women business owners.

Prof. White has been featured in several media outlets including, Essence Magazine, Florida A&M University magazine, and SiriusXM Radio. To learn more about Professor White’s past speaking engagements and to inqiure about bringing her to your event, visit her speaker page.


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