ProfesSOROR LaTanya White

Economic Development Advocate

I am the 71st initiate of Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter’s (TAC) Spring 2005 73 Elements of a New DeSTiny and a passionate advocate for our Beloved’s Economic Development Thrust. I teach entrepreneurship at FAMU in Tallahassee, Florida and I am conducting my doctoral research on Black women entrepreneurs.

Sorors, this is what I do…and I want to do more of it for Delta. 

I previously served as the May Week Chair (2012) for TAC as well as the Economic Development Subcommittee Chair (2018) for the chapter but I know there is still work to be done. And we all know that when you want to get a job done, you get a Delta to do it!

So here I stand- to serve you, your family, and your community in the pursuit of generational wealth. Please include your contact information and business question below to allow me to be of service. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers but you have my word that I will do my best to get you in touch with the people who do!

To learn more about me outside of Delta, visit


#71 TAC Spring 05

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